We tailor the services to your business needs. Here are some examples.

Customer Support

We provide a personal and tailored support to your customer via your own platform or using our adopted methods.

Data Entry

Save your valuable time in front of a computer and allow us to take care of this for you. Building reports, preparing quotes or entering data in any shape or form that you require.

Facilities Management

We have over 10 years of experience in FM. We can work with your existing FM platform, or recommend you a business partner and provide full management services.

Invoicing / Accounting

Hand Over Work takes control of your invoicing side of business, we take over as much or as little as you require and ensure a smooth operation of your accounts.

Social Media

Our vast networks in social media will not only allow great growth for your business, but will also ensure a regular presence in the domain of social media.

Why Outsource

Few of the benefits that make outsourcing a great option for businesses around the world

Staff costs

This is arguably the main benefit of outsourcing. You achieve great labour cost reductions without compromising the work quality.

Increased Productivity

Not only that we work when your staff is asleep ( due to time zone difference ) but we also are brilliant at what we do. Working with various companies throughout the world makes us incredibly versatile and allows us to adopt best practices.

Security on line

Our employed technology encrypts data not once, but twice. It's the tightest security in the industry and we have got it!

Freed Resources

Through the dedication of your work to us, you will be able to free your best team members to focus on things they are better at or perhaps award them that long awaited promotion.

Service Delivery

All your requested work is delivered on time and on budget. As our costs are fixed, you will face no unexpected costs, nor will you have to worry about employee absence, sick pay, employment contracts.

Customer Appreciation

  • Not only did we save money by hiring their services, but the time zone they operate in perfectly fit for our much needed new market expansion.

    Rapolas Bernotas

  • Were a small company and needed to provide professional services to our customers in terms of our response and quote preparation - all these tasks are brilliantly handled by Hand Over Work. Highly Recommended!

    John Mills

  • We have hired 'Hand Over Work' to increase our customer base and improve our internal procedures. The knowledge that was passed on and the insight that we have received were very helpful and we continue our partnership to this day.

    Chris Harrison

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