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We are an innovative Hospitality Business Management company. We will help you achieve new levels in productivity, cost saving and customer satisfaction, along with many more benefits. We are a talented group of dedicated people, who are experts with previous first hand experience in various business fields. We tailor and provide a custom and dedicated support to the needs of your business.

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Let us help you to manage your current projects.

Maintenance Management

Leave your all maintenance management to us.

Social Media & Web Development

We can create and manage your website and social media channels.

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What our clients have to say:

Richard Franks
Managing Director

“Mantas and I met at a critical time for Chilango over 5 years ago. ‘Handover Work’ took over the ownership of Chilango’s reactive and planned maintenance as well as managing budgets and helping to save costs, coupled with finding great efficiencies to the way we work. 

Mantas also work closely with myself and the team on improving kitchen and restaurant design as well as project manages any new builds or refurbishments. Their team is awesome and very much part of the Chilango family.”

Paul Hopper

“For a small business like ours, the expertise these guys bring in invaluable. 

We get the service of a full-time maintenance manager for a fraction of the cost. The teams on the site have a great relationship with them and trust that the support is there when called upon.

Zan Kaufman
Founder / MD

“These guys have a vast knowledge when it comes to restaurant maintenance and builds.  They are determined to fix any and all maintenance problems to ensure your site stays open. 

Additionally, Mantas has solid relationships with people in the trade which allows for things to be fixed swiftly and confidentially. We are lucky to have them as part of team Bleecker.”

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